Here is where you will find useful links if you are considering the full time Motorhome life. We are not sponsored by any of the following, these are just what we think are possibly invaluable when considering making that giant move to life on the road.

Please note that this list will change and most likely grow over time.

The 'main' club that most caravanners and motorhomers join when looking for week long breaks or just a few days away. An excellent choice of sites all around the country most of which are immaculate and are positioned in some beautiful locations. Our experience of their sites so far is that they are well maintained, offer excellent facilities and plots. BUT, we also must mention that all this does come at a premium price! In most cases more than one adult adds an additional charge per night. Have kids? Another charge. A dog? Another charge. (This is presuming that the site allows for kids and dogs!). Awning or larger vehicle? Another charge. You want to serviced plot? Yes, you guessed it!
These charges I have mentioned above might not apply to every site, but in our experience so far, they do! So needless to say, we try not to use the Caravan and Motorhome Club very often.
Their smaller CL sites are cheaper, so they are definitely worth checking out! Dovesite CL is an excellent example of such a site.

If you are like us and you are just after a really nice break away from it all without costing the Earth, then look no further than the Camping and Caravanning Club. With so many sites that are not as expensive as the above club, this is by far the better choice for those on a tighter budget. Don't think for one minute that because it's cheaper in so many instances, that you are going to be staying in some very rough sites. This is most definitely NOT the case! You may not get club houses or swimming pools etc.etc. (We haven't spotted those yet!). But if you are like us and you are bringing your own facilities with you, then why pay for things that you really don't need! As always, it's always advised to check on what is available before you book. But you should find that Camping and Caravanning Club sites offer an excellent value for money breaks.

If like us, you prefer not to rely too heavily on the camp sites and would like to stop over at somewhere quite different, then check out Brit Stops. By purchasing a yearly guide from them you will be shown so many more locations that you can stay. The most popular spots are usually Pub car parks whereby you can stay over on condition you have a drink and a meal at the Pub while you're there. Nice for a treat! Other places include garden centres, breweries and other various businesses. 

Onboard Energy
Springwood Haven
Mancetter Road
CV10 0RZ

Tel. 0845 456 6572

If you have been following our adventures you will see us using this company for our huge electronics upgrade that we had done to our Motorhome. Which included, solar panel, Lithium batteries, battery to battery charger, battery protect etc.etc. Over £5000 worth of upgrades (inc. discounts!). Very professional and friendly people. Highly recommended. 

The Following Links are YouTubers that we highly recommend.

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