So we often get asked about what we cook and eat in the Motorhome. The general thoughts from people that live in houses seem to think you can only cook simple things or go vegetarian! So this is the Page where if you were not hungry before, you will be by the end of the list. 😁

The kitchen equipment you see advertised below is what I personally have purchased and use on a regular basis:

The Ridge Monkey XL: I use this most days, it is excellent for giving a roasting effect instead of using the oven. Finishing off part baked rolls that we keep stored away for when we cannot get fresh bread is one thing we also do, and there are many other uses for it! We are still learning at the mo, but just don't 'flip' it over when you have anything too liquid in it as it splashes all over the kitchen through small gaps around the edges (as I have learnt from watching Andy do it! lol). A versatile piece of equipment.

Melamine Bowls: I love these they have loads of uses from salads, curry's, chilli, puddings etc. Please remember they are not microwave safe!

Kampa melamine dinner set: This set is lovely, dinner plates, side plates, bowls and mugs. I really liked the design on these but there are others to choose from, just remember not to put boiling water straight into the mugs as I learned to my cost and cracked two of my mugs.

What follows is a gallery of a large variety of the meals that I have cooked since we moved into the van using only the hob. Andy is useless in the kitchen and I have banned him from it! lol (He has to do the washing up!)


This is the typical scene of me cooking a meal on our Motorhome hob. Pork chops, sausages with grilled parsnips cooked in the Ridge Monkey, new potatoes with steamed cabbage, stuffing and gravy.

Chicken Tikka with chicken, stir fried vegetables and boiled rice, yummy!

Home made burgers served with jacket potatoes browned in the Ridge Monkey, mixed peppers and a mixed salad tossed in sweet chilli sauce, delish!!!!

Quick lunch and one of Andy's favourites. Hash browns cooked in the Ridge Monkey with 100% beef burgers, sausages, egg and beans, add a naughty slice of fried bread 😀

Chilli beef with onions, peppers and mushrooms mixed with a chilli and tomato sauce with extra chilli flakes served on a bed of whole wheat pasta 😈 (Andy's ultimate favourite)

Chicken stuffed with sage and onion stuffing with mushrooms then wrapped in streaky bacon, cooked slowly in the frying pan with heat turned up at the end to crisp the bacon. Served with hash browns and garden peas.

Chicken Jalfrezi with mixed veg served with boiled rice, plain naan cooked in the Ridge Monkey, mixed salad tossed in mint and mango chutney.

This is one for Andy, he loves his sausage lol. Boiled new potatoes, steamed cabbage, carrots, with parsnips and stuffing finished in the Ridge Monkey.

More foodie pics to follow shortly.