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Hi. We are Andy and Jan and we originate from a town called Nuneaton in the Midlands, UK. After previously downsizing from a 4 bedroomed House to a Park Home several years ago, we decided after a long period of extensive research and planning that we would take the ultimate downsize and sell our Park Home and move into a Motorhome Full Time. It was not an easy move, in fact it was possibly the most stressful move we have ever done! That being said, the positives are so many that it was well worth the effort. It truly is the most freedom you can have here in the UK in the 21st century! So hopefully you will join us on our travels by watching us on YouTube and other social media websites. Maybe just maybe, we might inspire you to do the same?

Documenting Our Journey

To encourage people to take that step to FREEDOM.

As we travel to the many destinations, we are documenting our journey on social media including posting updates here (just below) on this website. Of course our main format of choice is videos. So at every interesting location you will find we will produce a video on YouTube to show you first hand what we discover. Whether it is the Yorkshire Moors, Cumbria, Wales or even a documentary type view of ancient ruins, you can see it in full HD on our channel. If you do watch any of our videos then please remember to share them on your social media and please give us a Like on the video on YouTube. It helps with our YouTube stats and we would really appreciate it. Thanks!


Who Are Many Fun Adventures?

A little background.

Andy is the driver, dog walker and the technical wizard of the adventure. All the YouTube videos that you will see on Many Fun Adventures are edited by Andy.
Andy is known on YouTube as MFA or Andy MFA. His Granddaughter is 'The Ravengirl' on YouTube.


Jan is the researcher, cook and too many other things to list! She is the love of Andy's life and have been together for over 23 years. She is also responsible for finding the best locations for magnet fishing. (Ahem)


Charlie is the unofficial boss of their journey. A border collie with such an exceptional intelligence that they literally have to speak in code sometimes so that he does not understand what they are saying. He loves his human parents and really loves their Granddaughter.

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