Up until recently we have been sending out our stickers for FREE to anyone who wants one. Due to the obvious costs involved in that we had set ourselves a limit/budget on how many we were going to do. We have now passed that limit. So from this moment on anyone who would like a sticker can still get a FREE one however you will now need to send us a stamped addressed envelope so that we can send you one out. The one other thing we do ask is that you must be a subscriber of our YouTube channel to qualify for a FREE sticker.

To get your sticker please send your stamped addressed envelope along with a note stating your YouTube name to the following address:

c/o Many Fun Adventures
1 St Marys Court

Note: This is NOT our home address as we live in our RV. This is simply one of several mailing addresses that we use.

If you are a fellow vanlifer on YouTube and you also have your own stickers that we don't already have, then please send one to us (without a stamp) and we will send one of ours to you in a straight swap. We would be honoured to have you added to our sticker wall. 😎👍