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Up until recently we have been receiving donations from our supporters all around the world with only really a 'thank you' to give back to all those kind and lovely people. So we then decided to set up memberships on YouTube, only to shortly after decide to quit that option as YouTube's system was so full of bugs that not only things didn't work the way they should but also literally stole our hard earned money we normally receive from ads, Superchats and membership payments!! In fact we haven't been paid for months! So now we have completely removed memberships from our YouTube channel and instead moved our membership system to Patreon where you can not only watch all the videos we upload to YouTube, but you can also gain extras when you choose to help support us by selecting a Tier of membership.

So now we have two ways that our loyal fans can now help our ongoing journey.

1. THE best way is by becoming a member by joining through one of our Tiers on Patreon. Click on 'me' below to see what Tiers are available to you and what extras you gain for each one.

2. If you are not interested in any extras and just purely feel like being really generous to us, then you can donate whenever and whatever you wish via our Paypal donation link. Click on Jan and myself below go to our Paypal donate Page.

Whichever you choose, we are so grateful for your kindness in supporting us on our journey on the road, and with your help we can see and do more and more, which in turn gives you back more and more video entertainment. And just maybe, our adventures whether good or bad might entice you into maybe moving into this way of life yourself?