Leave YouTube?


It is a question that I have often pondered over the last year, primarily due to lack of support from YouTube and the constant issues we have had with the platform. One of the problems with YouTube is that if your niche is not 'unique' enough then you do not receive too much attention. If we had started our van life adventure many years ago (like The Happy Travellers did) then we would expect to of gained more interest. As such, today there are so many people living the van life and showing their adventures on YouTube that the choice for viewers is in the hundreds.

Also we do not constantly keep filming, as we are not doing all this just for YouTube, or like others, to get famous or whatever. This is by our own choice as our life on the road is just that, our real life! We don't want YouTube to take over our entire life. We want to enjoy our life without keep worrying about uploading every day. We like to share our experiences with you all, but we really don't care if we get 100 or 1,000,000 views. It's all about quality of video and also a free online video diary for ourselves so that we can look back on our own adventures when we are too old and knackered to continue! 😃 (We also have local backups of every video we do too!)

We often get asked "how much do you make on YouTube?". The answer... hardly anything! Especially since recently Google announced that they are taking 24% of what we earned before in tax. So 24% off almost nothing leaves us with pretty much nothing! Unless you receive 100,000's of views on every video, it really is a waste of time. We earn more money with Amazon Affiliate links, and that's not amazing.

So to be quite blunt, I myself (Andy) am considering what direction we are going to take regarding our future on YouTube. Whether it be moving to a totally new platform such as Vimeo etc, or even just Patreon. We shall see. But something will have to change in the future.