We are back!


Well, it's been a while since we wrote an update on our website, so here we are! It's been a strange time over the last year or so, what with the 'C' word being pushed onto the population and basically placing everyone into house arrest. Or for us, 'Van arrest'. lol. But here we are, coming out unscathed once again. Aside from that though we did decide that during the winter months we would lock ourselves down in a convenient location on a nice 'cheap' campsite so that we can more easily and cheaply keep warm and have extra facilities at hand. We are really glad we did too! It was a very cold winter. I'm sure that the owner was really happy that we used his electric for our heating system. (lol). Hey, we didn't use that much. 😉

So then as we came out of the latest house arrest, Jan had issues with some teeth and was desperate for them to be sorted. So once again we booked ourselves in on another nice campsite while we travelled back and forth to the dentist for her to get sorted. After this was finally done, she then went off on holiday with her sister while I set about replacing our Motorhome toilet and a self-build composting one. (Currently showing on our YouTube/Patreon channels). Charlie has also not been himself lately which is a worry but not unexpected as he is getting on a bit now. 😕

But here we are again, about to start out on another new road trip in 2021. We are aiming to try out some new places that we haven't been to and more wild camping too! (LOVE THAT!)

We have changed a few things with the channel recently. The main thing being that we now have a new regular day/time that our videos go up. This way our followers know exactly where they stand with us as regards new content rather than some random time. We have also changed 99% of our thumbnails and the channel banner. The channel banner stating quite clearly that we are a 'Genuine' Vanlife channel and not a channel saying they are 'Vanlifers' when they are clearly not. One of my personal niggles with YouTubers who use this term while living in a house while their Van sits on the driveway. I will stop that rant just there. lol.

So, I will now 'sign off' as I always say, as we start planning our routes for our next road trip. Don't forget, if you ever come across us on the road, please come and say hello. We also have Free stickers to give away too so don't be afraid to ask!

Until the next update. Have a great week ahead!