Yet ANOTHER Lockdown!


Well, here we are once again facing yet another 'lockdown'. From next Thursday we are going to be locked down in one place for a month while the economy and small businesses are destroyed for what is basically a huge h...  (WAIT! I almost forgot, we are not allowed to say anything other than what we are told by the Governments and mainstream media. Almost forgot. Silly me 🤬).

Anyway, politics aside, this situation is once again affecting not only our adventures in RV living, but also making videos! Luckily we are a little in front with our filming, editing and uploading. So currently we have about three more videos already uploaded and scheduled for viewing. We also have two review videos coming up within the next few days.

But this awful situation this year (and no doubt for the next few years) has really affected our channel. We should of been visiting far more places than what we did do. But it's not just all about YouTube etc, it's also about how this affects our lives. Jan in particular is being badly affected by all this right now. I have never seen her so down. It also bothers me too, but I don't know whether it's the age difference or just the way I look at life in general that makes me less affected by it all. Don't get me wrong, I hate it and I'm all about freedom. But with my life (before Jan) not being much to shout about in the first place I think makes it easier for me to cope with whatever comes along. Let's just hope that all this nonsense finishes sooner rather than later. Somehow though, I doubt it.

In the meantime, please bear with us in these strange times. We will of course continue with our adventures as this is our life after all.