Poweroak blows me away with their Bluetti AC50S 500Wh Portable Power Solar Generator

Not too long ago I filmed a review on the Poweroak Bluetti 400Wh Portable Power Solar Generator, an awesome bit of kit which gave you a great option for additional power on your travels. And for most people that would of probably been good enough. The quality was there, and the choice of connections too, it was spot on.

But now, Poweroak have handed me another product to review. This time it is the Bluetti AC50S 500Wh Portable Power Solar Generator.

This little beastie gives you all what the previous one did and more! So let's get to the nitty gritty of all this and tell you first what are those wonderful extras?

The first and main difference is that the AC50S gives you 500Wh (Watt Hours) of power storage. Which is pretty damned good amount of storage. The ability to charge your phone up so many times over on that one charge. Plus charging up your tablet, your laptop and even your drone is just so handy. Then there is the wireless charging plate on top of the device. So if your mobile phone for instance can be charged up wirelessly, such as my Jan's Samsung Galaxy S9, you can simply just place it on the top and it will immediately start charging! That is so handy when you don't have to use any charging cables! It's a shame all mobile phones don't have that feature. The next addition is the usb-c socket. This is so handy as more and more devices are using the usb-c connections now for charging. The latest Apple iPad Air uses this, mine and Jan's mobiles both use this and even Jan's Chromebook uses this! I do have to mention here though that as I don't own all the devices in the world that use usb-c, I cannot confirm if the power output is enough on that connection for every one of these devices. It is a 45w port so you would have to check with your devices manufacturer to see if that is enough.

Then you have a rather large led light on the rear of the unit. This is a very bright light which can be useful in so many ways when you are out and about in the night. From lighting up your tent, to checking something in the engine, to even walking the dog! It is also very handy in an emergency as you can use the flashing S.O.S. option. Very handy indeed if you camped in a mountain somewhere and are looking to be rescued by an emergency rescue helicopter! (Extreme case scenario there! 😁👍)

So aside from the new features, the other sockets include, 2 x 240v/300w mains sockets (Pure Sine Wave - so it's safe to plug in laptops etc), 1 x 12v DC Cigarette Lighter style socket, 2 x 12v DC/3A sockets and 4 x usb sockets (Two of which are 3A). The digital display has also had an upgrade and is now in colour. This displays the power input, DC output and AC output. The unit also has a built in fan that comes on at times of high power input to keep things cool and safe. The two folding carry handles fit neatly into the top of the unit when not being carried around and feel very strong and secure. The measurements of the AC50S are 29.5cms x 19.1cms x 19.6cms, which is quite small considering what power you are carrying around with you. The weight is only 6.17kg, so once again, not too heavy. Which this means a lot if you are watching the weight for your vehicle.

It goes without saying that we highly recommend the AC50S to anyone looking for a bit of extra power while out on the road. Great amount of power yet small enough unit to carry around with ease!

What's not to like?

Poweroak have very kindly given us once again some discount codes for those of you who are considering a purchase. They are all applicable only on Amazon in the US, US and Germany. So please use the appropriate one at checkout to gain your discount.

UK AC50S Maxoak Bluetti 500Wh Power Station 
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Also, for a limited time in the US, the older AC50 model in Orange/Grey is now in a clearance. The price for that including discounts is $347.99.

US AC50 Maxoak Bluetti 500Wh Power Station
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Original price : $399.99
Clearance price: $ 347.99

So while we're on a roll with the best of Poweroak, the only thing left to do is to introduce to you the best way to charge up your lovely new AC50S which you've just ordered. 😉

Say hello to the extremely convenient, fold away and carry solar panel. Called the SP120 Poweroak Bluetti 120W Solar Panel.

If you are serious about keeping your AC50S charged up, then you will not go wrong with the SP120. This gives you that power you need to quickly and conveniently charge up your AC50S with no effort at all. The AC50S has a built-in MPPT Solar Controller, so you don't need to worry about getting an additional controller! Just connect up the supplied MC4 solar cables to the adapter supplied with your AC50 and plug it into the rear of the unit. That's it! Oh yes, don't forget of course to unpack the solar panel first and point it towards the sun! That in itself is a breeze as the rear casing of the solar panel has legs that you pull away from the velcro and rest behind the panel to the ground, keeping the panels pointing at the sun. How convenient is that!? It also has strong loops on one end of the solar panel, so that you can hang it up on the side of a wall or maybe a motorhome or caravan, if you prefer.

There are so many solar panels available on the market today that you may think of going for a cheaper option. But from seeing other reviews on people attempting to use other brands with a Poweroak Solar Power Generator, one thing that I find time and time again is that you never get what you pay for. So many solar panels are rated at high wattage fail to deliver on their stated figures. Poweroak however, do! At least within a few percent at worst. I have personally seen this reach 114w so far. Quality product. But why would you buy an AC50S then ruin everything by letting it down by buying a cheaper brand solar panel for it? You just don't do that!

So as an additional incentive, once again Poweroak have handed me discount codes for our followers. Once again these are to use on Amazon only, and this time it's for UK and Germany only.

UK SP120 Poweroak Bluetti 120W Solar Panel 
£30 off Code: poweroak21

DE SP120 Poweroak Bluetti 120W Solar Panel 
€30 off Code:poweroak21

So once again Poweroak have really impressed me with their products. These power generators are so convenient and cause no noise pollution like regular fossil fuel generators and they are small and light. We have no trouble in highly recommending them, and hope you enjoy using yours.

Later guys!