Review of the Maxoak K2 50000mAh Power Bank.


So most people know what power banks are by now. You know there power limits, you know what they are capable of charging. You can get them almost anywhere too! Online and in the local shops. Even the local Pound Shop has power banks, albeit, 3000mAh and slightly higher at best.

I myself have been using three separate makes and models of various power outputs at times on our travels. Usually a back up power supply to slip in your pocket while out and about for the phone, or indeed, to keep my Osmo Action camera charged up as I using it! Very handy devices indeed.

So after all these years I thought I'd seen it all with power banks. After all, they are all about the same aren't they? Well not any more!

Meet the K2 from Maxoak/Poweroak. These beast boasts a massive 50000mAh battery backup. Yes, you read this right! 50000mAh. FIFTY THOUSAND! And unlike others you may find on sites like Wish and similar places, this is a legit! A true powerhouse of a device that can not only charge up your phones but also tablets and LAPTOPS too!

The Maxoak K2 is one sleek looking piece of kit.

Measuring in at 20.7cms (W) x 13.5cms (H) x 3.1cms (D) at weighing at just over 1.2kg this is still definitely a portable device. Not overly big but not small enough to put in your pocket. So this is one for your bag or backpack. 

It comes with it's own small 'soft feel' protective case, which has a pouch for cables etc. Supplied in the box are cables, power adapter to charge up the power bank, and a good selection of interchangeable plugs for you to choose from for your connection to your laptop. (Wow. Laptop. Can't believe I'm saying that!). There is also a small manual too, although it mostly self explanatory.

Choices are a plenty with the K2. Most laptops are catered for here.

So the connections on the K2 are a decent choice. You are offered 4 x USB ports. 2 x 1.0 amp and 2 x 2.1 amp. Alongside the USB ports you also get a 12v 2.5 amp socket for (Get this!) connection to power a 12v TV amongst other things. A 20v 5 amp for charging laptops. Then a power button that when pressed also lights up a charge indicator which is made of 4 small lights. So basically you can say each light is equivalent to having 25% of power. Then to the very left of the device you have the power input socket for you to be able to charge up the K2.

A generous selection of sockets on the K2.

Charging the K2 does not exactly take a long time either. As the unit came partly charged when I received it for review I cannot comment on exactly how long it would take to fully charge it from being completely discharged, in my experience of charging up around 50% it only took me a 2-3 hours, if that! I expected the charging to take somewhat longer. So that was a complete 'nice' surprise.

The USB ports are your typical USB ports that you find on any other devices, however you still have to bear in mind that with the K2 fully charged, with these ports I can charge up my Mrs's Samsung Galaxy mobile phone about 15 times on the one charge. WOW! As my own phone, the Oppo Reno 5G, is a fast charging phone, using the 2.1 amp ports are fantastic. Very quick charging indeed! Love it.

The 12v socket as I've already stated can run 12v TV's and other things. One YouTuber has even ran a small Inverter from it which gave him 3 pin mains sockets running 240v AC! Crazy stuff.

But for me, the clincher and another big reason to own one of these, is the ability to charge your laptop from it. This is where the 20v socket comes in. Please note though, that if like me you have a very powerful laptop, you will need to have the laptop turned off while charging otherwise you won't get charged up!

But there you go. Amazing positives from the K2. But are there any negatives with this device? Well no, not really. If you want to be ridiculously picky you could point out that it can only be charged via the 3 pin AC-DC wall charger, and you can't plug into a car 12v socket or a solar panel. But then how many people live like us full time in a Motorhome and may ask for these sort of features? But even living on the road, this is no problem whatsoever. So any other negatives? Simple answer. No. This is one of the best bits of kit you can invest in today especially if you travel a lot, whether it's a holiday or job related. You won't regret owning a K2. In fact you will wonder why you never bought one before now!

The seller of the K2 have been very kind in giving us some discount codes for us to share with you. They are all applicable on Amazon sites only.

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So what are you waiting for? Stop struggling with power on the move and order one today!

We highly recommend the K2. 

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