Review of the Poweroak Bluetti 400Wh Portable Power Solar Generator


So as most of you know by now after we moved into our RV full time, we had a major upgrade on our electrics, which included solar panel, inverter, battery to battery charger etc.etc. We also replaced the AGM battery with two Lithium batteries. Each of which are 100Ah (Amp Hours). Now we only had these upgrades done because we were going full time and we believe that other people who have either a motorhome or caravan do not need such extravagant purchases, as in most situations it would be a waste of money. 

However, there are times when even people who are not full timers still require just that little bit more power, especially if they bring their kids along for the ride.

This is where the portable battery banks/generators come in.

The Poweroak Bluetti keeping my powerful Dell Laptop Charged.

We have been lucky enough to have been approached by Poweroak. A company who specialize in power backup products. They asked us if we would like to review one of their line of products, namely the Poweroak Bluetti 400Wh Portable Power Solar Generator. So of course, the curiosity got the better of us and agreed, upon the basis that any review would be honest. After agreements were made between us, we quickly received (at one of our Mailing addresses) this product.

So what was our first impressions?

Aside from the well packaged box that it came in, which really was excellent, the small size of it was quite a surprise. For something that was so powerful to only be so small was quite amazing. The measurements are 23cms(W) x 24cms(H) x 15cms(D). The weight was also a big factor we thought as most motorhomers/caravanners do not want to add a lot of weight to their vehicle. But this weighs in at only 5.57kg! So far, a win/win.

Accessories included with the Generator include, mains power plug/adapter, 12v power adaptor, solar panel cable and... wait for it... a car battery charging cable! Yes, this little beast actually gives you the ability to help start your car from a failed car battery. Brilliant!

Sockets are a plenty and so useful.

So what can you plug into this?


The Generator comes with AC and DC compatibility. Meaning you can charge anything from phones to Laptops to pretty much anything! There is a limit however with what you can plug in. That limit is 300 watts. But that in itself still allows you to charge most things that you would want to charge with Generator. Whether it's hikers taking this along in their backpacks to keep their mobile phones charged up for WEEKS while camping, or whether it be for a businessman working away and has some sort of limitation on where and when he can keep his works laptop charged. This gives you so many options.

On the AC side, it has two Mains sockets. 300w can be seen displayed below the sockets to remind you not to try plugging in a more powerful product like a kettle!

Meanwhile on the DC side of things you are covered in the various ways. 1 x 12v socket (sometimes called a cigarette lighter socket). 2 x 3 amp 12v sockets and 4 x USB ports. Two of the USB ports are 1 amp and the other two are 2.1 amps. 

On the other side of the Generator you have the solar connection, Mains input and the car battery charging socket.

Ready to charge your devices. With the Poweroak Bluetti, you are covered.

So the biggest question that you get asked about devices such as this is "how long will it last on a charge?". Well of course the answer all depends on what you are plugging into it and how much power it wants from the Generator! This is the 400Wh (Watt Hour) model. So the easiest way to think about this is to imagine you had a product that only used 1 watt to charge, this would mean you would get 400 hours of use. If you had something that used 10 watts, then it would be 40 hours use. Can you see where I am coming from? In our video review I pointed out that my Dell laptop used anything from 5 to 20 watts on normal use, however, when I was encoding/exporting a video file using some editing software the power levels immediately rose to 120+ watts. So, basically there will be times that the usage will vary depending on what you are doing. 

Charging the Generator up does take a good few hours, but you do have a choice of how you want to charge it. Mains plug, 12v socket or a solar panel. The latter is something that would be my preference being that charging from a solar panel would mean free energy to charge up a Generator that gives you free energy! Now that is really really cool. Just remember, do not try and charge it up from more than one source. You may damage the product doing this.

We must also point out that we haven't noticed any heat coming from it in the time we have used it, and it runs silent. No noisy fans can be heard whatsoever.

So all in all, we have been very impressed with this Generator, and although we may already have 200Ah of Lithium onboard having this available, especially in the winter months, this might well be a lifesaver, when the onboard Lithiums may get a bit low.

So would we recommend this product? Oh yes. It is so useful I would go as far as to say it is a MUST HAVE gadget. Unless you are living in an RV which has kilowatts of endless power at your disposal, which most people don't have!

This is just so simple to use yet brilliant and so handy.


And now you have even more of a reason to get yourself one...

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