So Proud of Charlie.

In amongst all the madness and mayhem of moving from our sticks and bricks house to our RV, the biggest thing \that I was worried about was not the vehicle, the electric, the water or anything else RV related, it was our boy Charlie. If you think that the stress of moving only applies to us humans then you are very much mistaken. Our Pets can suffer with it too! Indeed, our last two moves Charlie has been so upset that he would hide curled up in a corner of an empty room looking worried to death! However on this occasion he has taken to this on the road life that well that it really has surprised us. He is even now starting to calm down and totally chill out on either the settees at the back, or on his own bed next to me at the dinette, where I'm usually sat editing. 

The funniest moment has to be after we park up somewhere new, I put his lead on and take him out through the side door, and his face when he suddenly realises that he's somewhere new. I swear you can see him smiling as he's thinking "oh yeah, somewhere new for me to explore, thanks Mum and Dad!".

His best times are yet to come when we will eventually take him to places like the Yorkshire Moors, Scotland, Wales and the seaside, which he has only ever seen once before.

To an extent, we are lucky to be able to do what we are doing, but Charlie is definitely one of the luckiest and most spoilt dogs in the UK and is really going to have an amazing time. Bless him.