We Are Almost There!

We spent Thursday and Friday parked at the company who are fitting our much needed upgrades to our RV. We was hoping that two days would be enough time to get everything done, but it wasn't. So tomorrow morning we need to go back for the final pieces to be put together, including the battery to battery charger. So far most of the work has been completed, including the installation of a 360 watt solar panel on the roof, two 100Ah Lithium batteries and a 3000 watt Inverter/Charger (shown above). One thing that I find very useful and clever is that some of these components are bluetooth! Meaning that I can keep an eye on things with my mobile phone!

So the biggest missing piece of the jigsaw is the battery to battery charger, which allows the vehicle to charge up the leisure batteries when the engine is running. They will of course be charged up during the day with the solar panel when that is connected up properly, and if/when we are on hook ups at a site.

When all this work is completed it will be the final major payout that we will 'hopefully' make on the RV.

A video showing all the upgrades will be uploaded to our YouTube channel, so keep your eye open for that! Remember to subscribe and click the notification bell.