Changes That Make You Think.

You know, since moving into our full time RV life, some changes in the way we now live make you realise how much you took things for granted in a normal 'sticks and bricks' house also how much waste you produce.

The main thing for me has to be the water usage. In a house you turn on the tap and let it run and run until hot water comes out. You fill the sink with water to do the washing up, when you could just half fill it and it would probably be enough. You flush the toilet at every opportunity, even if you drop in one small piece of tissue in there. When you shower, you turn it on stand under it and just let it run constantly even when you could stop it for a moment or two now and then, like we do in our RV shower. In the RV, we turn it on to wet ourselves down, turn it off while we soap ourselves up, then turn it back on to wash it all off! No effort and a ton of water saved! It's just something that you learn to do to save that precious water.

Can you imagine if everyone in a 'normal' house treated water usage like we do, how much water would be saved? I know, you don't care. Because it's just there, it's easy to do, and you don't mind paying the water bills! All I'm saying is that when you move into this type of lifestyle, you do realise the waste you have been guilty of in the past.

I've been in this nomadic life now for only nearly three weeks, and already it has opened my eyes to how our society has taken so much for granted.